Intimate and Personal

Private Residence and Backyard Events

I have photographed many private residence, estate, and backyard weddings in my career! I always love how intimate they often feel, either being on a property where a family grew up, vacationed, or just loved and rented for the day, there is always a special charm that comes with a wedding at a private residence! Weather you are on a beach, in your backyard, or in the middle of nowhere, we have you covered! Below are many examples of different weddings I have photographed over the years.


Lakeside Weddings

I've shot a variety of weddings over the years in the lakes region of New Hampshire. Below are a couple of examples of private residence weddings right on t he lake!

at a home, vacation home, or rental

Backyard Weddings

In the past few years especially, I have been booking more and more clients looking to have their weddings in a backyard of a home or rental. These are always a fantastic time and I enjoy how the combination of history and new beginnings come together!